Brazilian Cowhides


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Available On-Line,  Canton,  Winnie, Fredericksburg or by Appointment in  Rockwall TX,

Cowhides and Accessories

Unsurpassed Quality and Selection

If you have seen it in Cowhides or Accessories we are your source.

Our hides are hand selected at the Tannery for their unique characteristics. With colors and patterns not usually seen. 

What we do

Below is a visual representation of some of the Cowhide Products available.

Palomino Cowhide

Palomino Hides  are available in:

Lighter than above

Medium Near above

Darker  Darker than above


Brindle (referring to the stripes) Hides Come in a variety of Colors.

They range from very light, medium and dark and include Tan, Beige, Brown, Orange and Red and can be all brindle or have a White Belly (edge) to a White Belly and Back Bone.

Tri- Color 

Tri-Color  a bit like Brindle with varied levels of Color v. White

Light - a lot of white v. color

Medium - 50/50 white to color

Dark - more color than white like above

Salt and Pepper

Salt & Pepper  ( Speckle or Longhorn)

Pictured is a Tri-Color Salt & Pepper 

Available in light, medium and dark

Palomino, Tan, Orange, Brown, Red & Black on rare occasions even Gray

Dark Hides

Dark Hides vary from Black             Black edge with Red or Chocolate center area.                                          Red                                                   Chocolate


Black & White Cloud

Red & White Cloud

Palomino & White Cloud


We carry hides made into rugs. With 4 basic patterns and 6 different sizes, chances are we have the rug for you.


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Hides for immediate Sale

Pictured are Hides unique in Pattern, Color & Style.  Available Immediately Including Size and Features such as Brands


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